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Original Nintendo Flip Racks, World of Nintendo Display and more!

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve got a nice assortment of auctions for you, a mix of games and store displays. The store displays that caught my eye are the original Nintendo flip racks below. Get your watchlist ready!

Video Game Auctions:

Mega Man 9 Press – Going on auction for $150, not bad of a price if you ask me. It’s new by the way.

DC Universe Online Press kit – Pretty rare press kit, haven’t seen this on eBay North America. Seller lives in Netherlands( or is it Holland?)

Earthbound SNES Complete Mint – A really nice example of a complete Earthbound. Fetching for $350.

Pokemon Gameboy Sealed Yellow Edition – Limited edition new Pokemon Yellow gameboy is sealed, goes usually for $300+.

Mega Man X3 Complete SNES – This auction is cheap considering the fact it’s complete.

Sega Pico – Comes with 7 games, this is meant for children. Plug into the T.V and you have children stories… Sega is a company who tried everything. 

Nintendo Game watch New Zelda – Game watch on “blister board”… haven’t heard that word since elementary school.

Zelda Ocarina of Time Figure Link & Epona – Auction is over $85, don’t think it will hit the $100 mark but you never know. I’ve seen one sell for $150.

Legend of Zelda Watch Used – The used version is already at $30?

Legend of Zelda Watch New – The new one is listed 10 hrs after and is going for less but it’s boxed and new.

World of Nintendo Sign/Display – Always looks nice, this needs to be in a game room. The price is also right.

Playstation 2 Huge Neon Sign – Very nice HUGE playstation 2 neon sign. Looks like the guys beer shelf is empty.

Original Nintendo Retail Flip Rack – Haven’t seen this on eBay for the past 5 years.

Original Gameboy Retail Flip Rack – Same seller of the one above, they look in great condition.

Halo Store Display Cardboard – Love Halo, this would be a nice addition to any Halo fan’s room. Although it looks to have a few brusies… must have been in battle.

Super Mario Bros. Pin Set – Complete pin set is new, the current price is $49.

Black Ops Huge Poster – I realy want this poster in my room. Can’t wait for Modern Warfare 3!


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