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Original Ryu Sketch, Miyamoto Signed Game, Giant Pikmin Plush, Dreamcast Portable TV

Before we get to the auctions for today, I would like to share a bit of news. This Friday Dec 9th at 12pm EST, Clan of the Gray will be broadcasting a 60 hour gaming marathon to benefit the American Cancer Society! Their goal is $10,000 and they will be playing games from the bizarre CD-i library for the duration. Though some of the games are known to be some of the worst in the world, there are also some good ones in there. You can donate now if you like. It’s for a great cause people…

Online fundraising for 3rd Annual CotGW Gaming Marathon

Now on with today’s auctions!

Ethan Van Sciver Ryu Sketch – Ethan Van Sciver is a known DC comic artist but he has also done some X-Men work as well. This drawing of Ryu from Street Fighter was made by request. It’s a unique interpretation of a character Ethan wouldn’t normally draw.

Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt Signed by Shigeru Miyamoto – The most common game in the world suddenly made valuable with the stroke of a pen!

Pikmin Big Pillow Plush – This plush is huge. It’s measures out to a bit less than 3 feet tall.

Street Fighter IV Fleece Blanket – I don’t know why this makes me laugh because it’s actually probably very comfortable.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Banana Controller Pouch – This promo is beginning to thin out on eBay so pick one up while you can!

Final Fantasy VI Moogle Hand Towel – This hand towel is no doubt very uncommon, but the price is still high. Send the seller an offer and see what happens.

Sega Dreamcast Casio Portable TV – There was once a point program for Dreamcast items called the Dreampoint program. There were many items available but this portable TV is one of the most unique I’ve come across.

Resident Evil 2 Standee – There’s a bit of damage which should lower the price more than the seller has it up for.

Onimusha 3 Soul Controller – Wtf… I’ve seen some weird controllers before but this has got to be the most awkward looking. I’ve never used it before, but it has got to make controlling the game tougher than it normally is without it! Still, it would look pretty awesome on display.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Moomba
    Dec 05, 2011

    With the FF6 Towel, it’s being sold by KefkasDomain, he over prices all of his stuff and doesn’t lower his prices often if at all. Wouldn’t bother sending him a PM.

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