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Original Squaresoft Soundtracks, Final Fantasy VI Opera House and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. We’ve got some cool auctions ending soon like the Squaresoft Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana soundtracks which are original, the Super mario Bros table top maze and the Fallout Vault Tec shoes which are bad ass. Enjoy the auctions and I’ll see everyone tomorrow.

Video Game Auctions:

– 4 SQUARESOFT Soundtracks – Final Fantasy (FFIV, FFVI, FFVII) and Secret of Mana

 New SUPER MARIO BROS Table Top Maze Game

– 2 Street Fighter Figures (Kidrobot) – Blue Dhalsim & Ken

– Sega Saturn NetLink modem STORE DISPLAY ’97 911 twin towers ground zero RARE/ODD

– Vintage 1998 BANJO KAZOOIE NINTENDO 64 N64 Lenticular Red Plastic Case Holder

– Nintendo Super Mario Brothers~ Trapped In the Perilous Pit Book~Vintage 80s

– Call Of Duty Modern Warfare MW2 Night Vision Goggles Infinity Ward MW 2 Hunting

– Nintendo 64 4 Controller pack set NUS-004 Pak N64

– Minecon 2013 Cape

– Fallout Vault Tec 2077 Shoes Limited Edition Size 13 New Rare

– Nintendo Retro 80s Playing Cards Miracle Box Set of 2 Japan

– Mega Man Network Battle Rockman.EXE Standee Promo Stand-Up Gamecube Capcom HUGE

– Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Watch (RED) Pre-Order Bonus Accessory

– Final Fantasy VI 6 Opera House Cold Cast Figure Statue

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