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Original Xbox 360 ’05 Launch Team Console

These ’05 Launch Team Consoles have been popping up on eBay a lot over the past months. One of these consoles is actually in the VGA Hall of Fame in which the auction reached over $1000. But like any collectible, prices fluctuate so it doesn’t mean this auction will reach 1k.

Thanks goes out to **Joseph for this nice submission, this Xbox 360 console was only given to members of the launch team at Microsoft in 2005. Also included in the auction is a pretty rare GOW face plate, and a limited edition, hand-numbered Gears of War statue.

Seller says:
“Not only does it have a collector’s edition faceplate, but also green trim on the sides of the console and green trim on the controller. As well, the top of the hard drive was specially engraved with “Daddy’s Toy”.

This unit has been through RROD repair twice, so it has the latest innards. It’s been working great with no problems for 2+ years. It has never been modded or banned. It’s in mint condition, with light usage in a non-smoking household.

It includes:
Limited edition Xbox 360 console with 20GB HD (sorry, no box or manuals)
1 limited edition wireless controller
All cables that came with it.
Limited edition “I Made This” faceplate and a plain white one
I’m also throwing in the following:
Rechargeable controller battery
Dual Battery charger
Gears of War Collector’s edition game, unopened
Limited edition, hand-numbered Gears of War figurine with box
512 MB memory unit

How did I get it and why am I selling it?
I worked for Microsoft Game Studios for 10 years (I worked on Mech Assault, Crimson Skies, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Fable 2). I was laid off in 2009 and am now self-employed outside of the game industry. Therefore I have no emotional attachment to this console and would rather sell it and buy one of the newer models.”

This auction was just put up and has a reserve on it. Checking the bidders on this, it seems pretty solid but we’ll see in a couple of days what happens. Please take note, the seller doesn’t ship internationally, and he is using the most expensive shipping method due to the rarity of this console.

If you’re interested, click here for Xbox 360 ’05 Launch Team Console

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