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Over Top AES Neo Geo Game, Sega Collectibles, Posters and More

I got some nice mixed auctions today, but I want to go back to Tom Kalinske’s Sonic statue post I made a week ago. The seller took that auction down, which I have no idea why, but now he has a bunch of other nice Sega auctions up.

When eBay seller vigiljeff was asked by one of our authors about authenticating Tom Kalinske’s Sonic statue, the seller stepped up to par and delivered, showing an authentic letter written to him by Sega and signed. So the seller has credibility. Now with this auction, he says that this Sonic picture was used in an interview done with Peter Moore. Peter Moore is the guy that influenced Sega to move from hardware(consoles), to producing just software(games).

Anyways, the seller says that this picture of Sonic was in an interview with Peter Moore. The only video on youtube that shows Peter Moore during the Dreamcast era is the one where he’s on GameSpot TV, but wasn’t able to find any Sonic picture. Anyways, vigiljeff still has a nice story with this auction so check it out!

Another One of a Kind Rare Sonic Item

He also has other neat Sega items:

Original Art Work from Sega Cd’s Night Trap – Seller didn’t know what game this was from, but it’s from Night Trap on Sega Cd.

Sega Sports 1994 Collectors Box Super Cool!

Other Rare Auctions:

Sonic The Hedgehog Costume – These Sonic costumes have been popping up on eBay a lot!

Over Top Neo Geo AES Game – pretty rare game along with the metal slug 4 below, but not sure about the price :/. The game is mint btw so perhaps that plays a role in the price setting.

Metal Slug 4 Neo Geo AES Game

Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Statue Pre-Order!

Arc the Lad Collectors Clock – This was given with the Arc the Lad Deluxe Box Set, which are one of the nicest RPG box sets ever put together…

Big Posters!!

Crystalis NES Poster – When’s the next time you’ll see a Crystalis Poster, let alone mint like this?

TOOBIN’ Tengen Posters – Damn he’s even got a Toobin’ poster! Vintage!

Quantum Fighter Poster – Another rare NES poster in good condition! Don’t know how many of you actually played this game, but I always liked the box art for the game :p

Lemmings SNES Poster!

Fatal Fury 2 Snes Poster

Sega Genesis Double Sided Poster

Mortal Kombat II Poster

Good Luck!

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