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Pac Man Air Fresheners, Sonic Shampoo, Sega Cards & More

Another day of random video game collectibles to show you. I’ll need to do some fresh searches for the next few days so in the meantime I hope some of you find something here you like. There’s a couple of Pac Man fresheners still sealed! I wonder if they smell like anything now. They are both reasonably priced. Also, there is a kid’s Sonic the Hedgehog costume, but from the likes of it there is no mask. I’m not sure if this version even came with a mask, but you die hard Sonic fans should know. For those who like Final Fantasy, I know the 7th game in the series holds value when it’s sealed + it’s a misprint which people go crazy over, it’s at $200 right now and I’ve seen these go for $700+! The rest of the auctions are promo items so enjoy!

Interesting Video Game Auctions:
Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween Costume for Kids
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Body Wash + Shampoo NEW – There’s even a mini game on the freakin shampoo!!
Sega Freaks Card Full Collection 1 to 120 JP – too expensive…
Mega Man – 1996-Original Game Soundtrack CD
ASSASSINS CREED Statue With Artbook and Tin Can
Vintage Pac Man Air Freshener Brand New
Vintage Ms. Pac Man Air Freshener Brand New – check out the legs on Ms.Pac Man
STARFOX 64 Nintendo VHS promo video New
BANJO KAZOOIE Nintendo 64 VHS promo video New
DIDDY KONG RACING Nintendo 64 promo video New
Microsoft Promo Xbox 360 Lanyard ID Badge Lot of 50
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Speed Enegry Drink Case of 24 Cans
Final Fantrasy 7 Factory Sealed with Misprint
Mega man 10 E Tank energy drink Rockman Japan – these were selling for $4 on Yahoo JP

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