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Pac-Man Clock, Iron-on Shirt Designs, Temp Tattoos, Zippos, and Promo VHS

Today I’m listing a variety of cool items from the 80’s through to the 90’s. Most of these items are very affordable and quite collectible. Fans of Namco, Nintendo and Squaresoft will all find something interesting. The cool thing about a couple of them is that they are vintage one-use items that have never been used. You’ll see what I mean…

Pac-Man Alarm Clock – At first glance this clock may seem just like another standard clock put into an attractive video game style. But, this is not the case here at all! This alarm clock actually uses classic Pac-Man arcade sounds for all it’s functions. It’s the real deal.

Body Toons Super Mario Bros 3 & Gameboy Baseball Temporary Tattoos – These temporary tattoos aren’t the common once-sold in random vending machines. These are full size and licenced by Nintendo. Each pack contains 3 tattoos and the packs are still factory sealed.

Nintendo Power Iron-on Shirt Designs– If you plan on actually using these designs to make a hardcore vintage looking t-shirt, I give you a nod of respect. Please keep in mind however that these iron-on pictures don’t age very well and probably wont work well (not that they ever did even when new right? lol). It’s a great Nintendo collectible.

Pac-Man Colorforms Play Set– For those who can’t remember what a Colorform set is, let me refresh your memory. Remember those thin plastic pictures that stick to any smooth or glossy surface? This is it! These back in the 80’s usually ended up on the fridge for a while until they fell off when nobody notices and then get kicked under the fridge and get covered in dust and never work again!… Or maybe that was just me lol…

Squaresoft Promo VHS– This promo tape contains trailers for Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy IV, and Chrono Trigger. These of course were not mass produced and were not available for sale. It’s a great value. 

30th Anniversary Pac-Man Zippo– There’s an eBay store that sells great Zippos from Japan called Japan Zippo Station. In their listings is a category called “Character” which has a bunch of great looking gamer Zippos. They feature titles such as Pac-Man (linked above), Dig Dug, Galaxian, and Xevious.

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