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Pac-Man Flying Saucer Sled, NARC Handheld Game, PlayStation Banner and More

Pac-Man Flying Sled

Got a line up of great auctions for Sundays post. I won’t go much into detail with them since they speak for themselves, but auctions such as the Pac-Man Flying Saucer Sled is pretty rare. I’m sure these sleds were readily available back in the 80’s, but to find something like this now is like taking a trip back into time. Just look how vintage Pac-Man is. I’ve also listed a very sexy PlayStation Banner. I don’t know why but the original PlayStation Logo, with the nice black background is very elegant(I’ll be watching this one 🙂 )! Enjoy today’s post!

Auctions of Interest:
Pacman 1980 Flying Saucer Sled
PlayStation Vinyl Banner 2×3 FEET!
Vintage 1981 PAC-MAN Embroidered Iron On Patch
Blizzcon 2009 Cloisonne Diablo 3 D3 Blizzard Pin
Blizzcon 2009 Thrall Warcraft WoW Collect Pin
NARC Nintendo NES Acclaim Handheld Video Game
Bioshock Lithograph Print Set VERY NICE!
PlayStation Soft-Line Up VHS Video 1995-96
Nintendo Super Famicom BOX Hotel System 5 – I worked for a guy who had the NES version of this. These were used in Japanese Hotels. Realllllly cool piece
WoW Grunty the Murloc Marine & Goody Bags
PlayStation 2 MLB 06′ Promo Koozie Beer
Animal Crossing Tape from Club Nintendo

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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