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Pac-Man madness! Intellivision, Vectrex, PROTOTYPES!!!

Today’s line up of auctions are going to feature some pretty unique retro collectibles, an intellivision lot worth taking a look at if you want to start up a collection, tons of prototypes and some pac-man goodies that will tap into the retro in all of us.

I’ll be displaying the prototypes first. It’s funny to hear the stories of how these people acquired their prototypes. Some rented them at a video store and never returned them, others were given it as a gift for visitng that particular company(if to be so lucky!), and some treasure hunters happened to land them at flea markets or even more painful to hear “garage sales”.

4 Super Nintendo Prototype games Never returned

Intellivision * BASIC * Prototype? Keyboard Component


Swamp Thing un-released/prototype Genesis/megadrive

Game Boy WWF Superstars Prototype import jp

Bimini Run prototype – Genesis/megadrive

Bean Ball Benny un-released/prototype Genesis/megadrive

Nintendo Prototype Mock Up Display Sample Rare

Everyone loves Pac-man and these items are just oozing with 80s goodness:


Vintage PAC-MAN Figure PVC Coleco 1982 BLINKY Red GHOST

Vintage PAC-MAN Figure PVC Coleco 1982 Tophat Toy Rare!

Scarce Vintage Tomy 1982 PAC-MAN White Knob Wind-up MIP

PAC MAN charm vintage Video Game for Necklace

Vintage 1980 Namco Pac-Man Arcade Miniature Video Game

Rare Pac-Man Vintage 1981 TV Dinner Tray Pac Man Midway

Vintage Roll 1980’s Pac-Man Video Game Craft/Wallpaper

Vintage Pacman Kids Roller Skates RARE w/ Pac Man Laces

Pac-Man 16″ Plush NWT Vintage 80s Video Game Character!

Vintage Pac-Man Magnets-NIP-1980-5 Magnets-Midway MFG


    Intellivision + Vectrex

Vintage Vectrex Game System in box w/ 5 games in boxes

Vectrex Light Pen w/ Art Master and Animaction Boxed

Intellivision Collection!!! Lots of Rare Items+++

Kojima + Shinkawa signed psp with sketch metal gear

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