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Pac-Man Merchandise

With the age of Pac-Man, there are many generations of merchandise out there. The stuff that was made is all over the place. I mean, think about it… how many things in your life have you seen with a picture of Pac-Man on it? T-Shirts, stickers, cards, toys, and so on. Today I’ve listed a few of these items for all the Pac-Man maniacs out there. There’s no end to collecting Pac-Man items; that’s for sure. I can’t confirm if these are all authentic Namco items however (buyer beware).

Maze Beach Towel

Power Pellet Candy Tins (Set of 12 Complete with Display Box)

Bandage Tins (Set of 12 Complete with Display Box)

1980 Metal Lunch Box

Sealed Trading Cards (Set of 36 Complete with Display Box)

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  • buylum
    Sep 28, 2010

    I am the seller of both the bandages and the power pellet candies. Both of these items (as well as the sour ghosts candy we also have listed) are both officially licensed by Namco. Thanks for featuring some of our listings here at Video Game Auctions!

  • Kenji
    Sep 28, 2010

    How bout’dem complimentary samples?

  • akira
    Sep 28, 2010

    Chill Kenji… go have some Zelda mints lol

  • Kenji
    Sep 28, 2010

    MMMmmmmmmmmmm zelda mints

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