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PC Gore Games – Harvester & Phantasmagoria

In the mid 90’s, PC games took a dark turn with the budding technology of CD-based games. This allowed the use of full motion video with real actors the carry the story. With these doors open, some of the most twisted minds in game design were given the chance to put gamers in the front row to witness horror movies they wished would be made for theaters. When a movie is released to the public in theaters, it gets rated and edited if it’s too violent (same goes with video games these days) but back then; video games weren’t being looked at that closely. Still, games like Harvester were banned in several countries and edited before release in many others. Let me tell you, Harvester is a really insane game… Not only is it violent but it has crazy content like cannibalism, racism, profanity, and  weird sexual situations. Phantasmagoria isn’t as extreme, but still has it’s fair share of gore. These games are somewhat rare and aren’t always easy to find. With Harvester being to crazy and banned in some areas, it wasn’t released in a high quantity.

There’s a copy of Harvester available here on eBay for only $55! Check out a clip of the game… (This is not the real end of the game by the way… there are multiple endings and the real one is over 15 minutes long!)

Click here for a copy of Phantasmagoria. This game also has a scene you should check out…

These games are not for everyone that’s for sure! LOL Well, if you’re a horror fan and enjoy point-and-click adventure games, I suggest you check them out.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


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