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Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100 + Sega PAC & NEC PAC

This machine is an entertainment monster. It can do so many things with the installation of replaceable modules. The best auction on eBay at this time contains the console, the Sega PAC (PAC-S1) and the NEC PAC (PAC-N1). The console on it’s own can play laser discs, LaserActive games, and CDs. With the Sega PAC installed in the front, it can play LaserActive Mega LD discs, Sega CD games, Sega Genesis games and CD+G discs. With the NEC PAC installed, it can play LaserActive LD-ROM2 discs, TurboGrafx CD-ROM discs, HuCard games, and CD+G discs (A CD+G disc is a music CD that can also play video at the same time. These are often used in Karaoke players).

All of this is available on eBay complete and new in their original boxes. It’s all in beautiful condition too.

Please keep in mind however that this is the Japanese model. This means North American games will likely not work. Follow the link below for the auction…

Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100 + Sega PAC & NEC PAC

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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