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Place a banner on VGA – For eBay Sellers

For those of you who stop by every day to read our daily blog have probably noticed that we have an advertising section on the right side. We haven’t added any advertisers in this section for a long time (actually since the launch date) so we have been lacking in that department. Things are so busy around here that we don’t really have time to connect with other websites in order to have quality link exchanges. With that said, some of you have probably noticed that there’s a new banner in the advertisement section linking to an eBay store that’s run by seller kefkasdomain( all credit to the seller for giving this great idea). We are now giving eBay sellers the opportunity to add a banner link (125×125) in our “Advertisement Section” and in return we ask that you at least place a link to our site in some of your eBay auctions that you currently have up. You will have more views for your auctions coming from VGA and we will have more collectors find our site.

So, you don’t have to have a eBay store in order to have a banner in our section, as long as you are consistently selling on eBay and have more than 10 auctions running at one time then everything should fit in well. Reason for this is that we are limiting space on the side nar bar for this and that it wouldn’t make sense to have a banner up that’s linked to no auctions. We’ll see how this turns out but you a probably wondering how this works. It’s very simple. First you want to Contact US. Then while creating your auction (or revising a current one), switch to the “HTML” format and add the bottom code at the top:

Copy and paste the following code below:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

Then, all you need to do is create a small banner by the size of 125×125 and submit it to us. That’s it! The difference between having your banner on the front page of the site as opposed to submitting your auction is that sometimes we are not able to get around to all the emails we receive, so we miss out on a lot of submissions which is why you might not see your submissions in a post. At least with a banner on the front page your store will always be exposed. We are also limiting the side nav so we’ll make room for 3 more banners. If you have any questions concerning this you can always reach us by going to our contact page.

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