Action Figures Collections Custom Made Final Fantasy PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Playstation 2 Light Sign, Final Fantasy Game Collection

Today’s auctions will feature a Playstation 2 sign found by Joseph, and I have a bunch of Final Fantasy lots to talk about.

Let’s first talk about this Playstation 2 Light Sign. It’s actually extremely cheap and the seller has 3 more. It’s at $55 or best offer. These are original Playstation 2 Light Signs used in stores. I know the stores I went to had them and they’re cool looking. If your a fan of the Playstation make then you need one of these. You wont find it cheaper that’s for sure.

The next auction is for the entire Final Fantasy Game collection. The seller’s from Thailand so most of these are for that region code but still pretty impressive collection. He’s got them from all ranges of consoles, Game Boy, Wii, Playstation, Super Famicom etc… Hefty price tag at $14,900. Must have a golden ticket in there to the old Squaresoft headquarters. How cool would that be? I’d feel like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The last auction I will touch on is an odd but unique Ultimate Final Fantasy VIII collection. What makes it odd to have this collection is that it came right after the biggest Final Fantasy game ever, part 7 so this title was really in the shadows. Not many fans of the title but you do have the few, and this seller is one of them. He’s got a huge collection of boxed figures. If this was a Final Fantasy VII auction it would fetch well over 2k( depending on the items of course). He’s got a decent asking price with a best offer.

I got an email from a seller named Jack about an NES Portable custom made. The picture is in the below gallery. It’s made entirely out of wood. Doesn’t have any USB slots and from the looks of it it’s fully functionable as any portable. According to Jack it’s comfortable to play and uses Nintendo cartridges. He’s accepting offers or willing to trade of other portables. To get in Contact with Jack email him here at [email protected]

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