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Playstation Holiday Vendor Gift Bundle, Maniac Mansion Mail Order Hint Book, Rockman 8 Pins

Today you’ll find a couple of nice pre-order bonus items and a very hard to find hint book. There are also a couple of Rockman (Mega Man) pins and one of them has a hilarious typo on the card it’s attached to. You’ll see what I mean… 😛

Playstation Holiday Vendor Gift Bundle – This gift bundle given to vendors includes two glasses each with a set of scotch rocks. The classy boxed set also includes copies of Little Big Planet Karting and Playstation All Stars.

Maniac Mansion Mail Order Hint Book – Available only through mail order, this hint book for Maniac Mansion is a nice find. Also very fortunate that the red decoder bar is included.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Beach Towel – This Club Nintendo item has never been opened.

Atari 2600 Swordquest Earthworld Prototype  – A justifiably pricey auction but the option to make an offer is there.

Rockman 8 Aquaman 7-Eleven Pin – I think this is the first time I’m seeing one of these 7-Eleven pins. First bid is $1.99

Rockman 8 Swordman 7-Eleven Pin – Same as the above but look at the title on the card… “Suuordman”? Someone got a bit literal on the letter ‘double-u’. Swordman wasn’t spelled that way in any version of the game, was it? Weird.

Batman Arkham City LED Flashlight – Still sealed to the card. The light is in the shape of the Batman symbol. Point it at the sky at night and tell people you’re waiting for Batman to show up!

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Pendant Necklace – Nice DMC pre-order item.

NES R.O.B. Filter Glasses – These were made after people started complaining that their ROB wouldn’t work. It fits over ROB’s eyes to dim the light going into his eyes which helps the signals to connect.

Sega Game Counselor Jacket – The jacket on auction is still in the original plastic (un-pictured)

Grand Theft Auto V Oversize Poster – Large poster that measures at 52″x21″ promoting GTAV pre-orders.

Grand Theft Auto V Oversize Poster 2 – Same size as the above but a slightly different design.

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