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PlayStation Nikes, WonderSwan Chocobo Hand Held and More!

Today is the last day of 2010. I am thankful that it wasn’t a horrible year, in fact, it was a year full of happiness and good health. I wish to carry these two things  into 2011, and I hope the same will be for you! With this post being the last post of VGA’s opening year, you would think it will be filled with a lot of rarities! But in fact, I’m like you, who has to work today and get ready for tonight so I’ll be running around. So no blockbuster post today. However, these are some pretty neat collectibles that some of you might find interesting.

First up are these cool limited edition PlayStation Nikes. I do see these pop up on eBay, and since my last post on these baby’s I’ve seen four auctions. The price range for these shoes are somewhat skewed. One of the auctions finished in the 400’s but the shoe was “used”, while other ones reached in the 7 and 9 hundreds. I don’t remember any of the four auctions finishing over 1k which would mean all the collectors who wanted these badly got them many years ago. But this particular pair might be the first to pass the 1k mark. It is brand new and was at $111 yesterday. Now it’s at $865 with 5 days left! This tells us that the top bidders got a lot of Christmas cash 😉

Other Video Game Auctions:

Key to the City
Super Mario RPG Nintendo Power Cards
Zelda Nintendo Game & Watch – Could this be the cheapest selling Zelda G&W auction? No bids! Although the battery cover is missing….
Limited Edition Chocobo WonderSwan – This hand held was produced by Bandai and only sold in Japan. Not sure how successful it was in Japan, but it was made to compete against the Neo Geo Pocket Color hand held.


CLICK HERE to buy this!

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