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I’m going to continue my sealed games journey with the Playstation console. there have been some great titles on this machine worth taking time to play. I have had some very good memories with the games I’m going to list. If you’re a sealed game collector you’ll need to take a look at these auctions as the deals are just awesome. Some prices are high but take it with a stride.

Let’s begin:

Warcraft II The Dark Saga BRAND NEW SEALED!

Metal Gear Solid New & Sealed Original PlayStation 1

Front Mission History LE PS1 Japanese NEW SEALED

XENOGEARS (PlayStation 1998) NEW, SEALED ps1 psx mint

BREATH OF FIRE IV (PlayStation 2000) NEW SEALED ps1 4

THOUSAND ARMS (PlayStation 1999) NEW, SEALED mint ps1

STRIDER 2 (PlayStation 2000) NEW, SEALED mint ps1 psx

GRANDIA (PlayStation, 1999) NEW, SEALED mint ps1 psx

Brave Fencer Musashi PS1 Playstation 1 SEALED

NEW Vagrant Story Playstation 1 Import SEALED RARE PS1


PS1 Suikoden II 2 ~ Brand New Factory Sealed Game RaRe

PS1 Thousand Arms ~ Brand New Factory Sealed Game RaRe

Final Fantasy Origins New Factory Sealed Black Version

PS1 RPG Game Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 Sealed

Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 New Sealed! PS1 PS2 PS3

Threads of Fate New SEALED Rare PS1 PS2 PS3

FACTORY SEALED Suikoden II 2 – Playstation One

FACTORY SEALED Silent Hill – Playstation – Black Label

FACTORY SEALED Tales of Destiny – Playstation One

FACTORY SEALED Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Playstation One

FACTORY SEALED Chrono Cross – Black Label PS1

FACTORY SEALED Harvest Moon Back To Nature PS1

FACTORY SEALED Resident Evil 3 – Playstation PS1

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