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With all this talk about Pokemon Go, I wanted to do a quick search and see what’s trending on ebay with the keywords “Pokemon Go”. Seems like the only item associated with the Pokemon Go App is this new watch accessory you can buy. Taken from the auctions description:

“The Pokémon GO Plus accessory can be used with any compatible smart phone that has the Pokémon GO application installed. After the Pokémon GO Plus is paired via Bluetooth LE and a brief setup process is completed, players can encounter and catch Pokémon like never before. When the smart phone with Pokémon Go and the paired Pokémon GO Plus accessory are within range of each other, both will begin to vibrate when a Pokémon is close by. With the convenience of not having to look at your smart phone, simply press the button on the Pokémon GO Plus to attempt to catch a Pokémon while you are out and about.

Pokémon GO users will also encounter set locations called PokéStops, where you can collect items like Poké Balls, Berries and even Pokémon Eggs. Pokémon GO Plus is an easy and convenient way to collect Pokémon and items without having to look at your smart phone.


Accessory for the Pokemon GO application provides an easy and convenient way to catch Pokemon and collect items
Catch Pokemon in the wild with a simple click of a button
Collect Poke Balls, Berries, Pokemon Eggs and other items at set PokeStop locations without having to look at your smart phone”

So you’re probably thinking what’s the point of this watch when you’re playing the game on your mobile device? Well it’s pretty much for convenience. You can pretty much do everything on the phone through this watch. So instead of carry the phone with you, just flip the Pokemon Go watch cover and you’re set.

Click here for Pokemon Go Plus Watch Accessory

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Good luck!

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