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Pokemon Stadium Kiosk, Grand Theft Auto V Promos, Vectrex System & 3D Viewer

Just a few auctions to check out today but nearly every one of them was found by VGA reader Beau! Thanks for all the links Beau. It’s a nice mix of the new and vintage. Before we get to Beau’s finds however, first up is a pricey auction.

Pokemon Stadium Kiosk – A pretty strange design for this kiosk. Quite a bit of text and not much to grab the eye. Even so, Nintendo kiosks are always interesting to check out.

Boxed Vectrex System – Fantastic retro system with great games. This auction is for a very clean looking system, the box, overlays, and 1 game (plus the built in game of course).

Boxed Vectrex 3D Imager – These 3D glasses for the Vectrex is complete with the original box and not common by any means.

The next five auctions from Beau are Grand Theft Auto V promos. Some are buy nows, some are auctions. The first auction ends today and soon!

Grand Theft Auto V Viewfinder Set of 3

Grand Theft Auto V Viewfinder Set of 4

Grand Theft Auto V Poster & Red Viewfinder

Grand Theft Auto V Blue Viewfinder

Grand Theft Auto V Red Viewfinder

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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