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Press Promos, Playstation Store Display, God of War Hoodie, and Final Fantasy Music Boxes

We have a huge amount of affordable press released promos today. The press promos are actually all from the same seller, dukeferris (a former video game journalist who is selling off some cool stuff). I’ve also listed a couple of unusual Final Fantasy music boxes which is interesting because the world of Final Fantasy collectibles is known for it’s music boxes. First up however is a nice Playstation store display…

Playstation Store Display (PS1) – The display is clearly dated by it’s “greatest hits” sections. The seller’s many suggestions on how to use the display are very strange. Display your knife collection? A gun rack!? lol…

Playstation 3 Launch Tower Standee – Back when the PS3 was a crazy mystery which had gamers lining up around the corner… this display showed off some of the first PS3 titles.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Press Promo Bundle – Wow, any LotR fans out there? this bundle comes with a t-shirt, soundtrack and a bag containing 3 leaf bound pieces of lembas bread (don’t eat it lol).

Dreamcast Press Kit Binder – The contents have unfortunately been lost, but this is still a nice Dreamcast collectible.

N-GAGE QD Prototype – Here’s an N-Gage made for press release which could differ from the final product. Included are 2 promo games and it’s all fully functional.

Dragon Age II Metal Coasters – These are very nice items. Not only do they look great to people who don’t know the game, but for those who do… it’s doubly awesome.

Bionic Commando Field Manual – This “field manual” is actually a simple promo booklet. Still, uncommon.

Rome Total War Cloth Flag and T-shirt – The flag included in this auction can be hung from the ceiling. This is nice for those who may have run out of wall space 😉

Project Natal Animals E3 2010 Black Panther – Something great about this item is that the tag says “Project Natal” rather than Kinect. This was made before the final device and game were named.

God of War Hoodie – This is by far my favourite item being listed by dukeferris. Such a great idea… Kratos’ war paint put to a hoodie. Pure cool

Final Fantasy X Premium Melody Music Box – Okay, the seller explains this music box was available only in Japan as a prize in various arcades. It’s not an official Squaresoft/Square-Enix item as far as I can see.

Final Fantasy XIII Premium Melody Music Box – Another music box of the same kind mentioned above. I would love to hear more about these if anyone has more info. Perhaps Kenji, VGA’s FF expert?… no pressure lol.

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