Merchandise Promotional Items 3

Promotional Items! F-Zero Watch, Company of Heroes Grenade, Shinobi throwing Star and More!

Seller samuraismurfette has unleashed a ton of awesome promo items given away before or during the games release! There’s so many to choose from but I hand-picked the ones that caught my eye and well, the ones we never hear about which include the F-Zero watch, Company of Heros Hand Grenade and the Shinobi throwing Star! All the items are ranging between $0.99 to $10 starting price so definitely worth checking out!

Video Game Auctions:
Maximo Army of Zin Capcom Preorder Bonus Clock
Dragon Warrior Quest Promo Preorder Slime Keychain PS2 Cell Phone strap
Grand Theft Auto 4 GTA IV Preorder Bonus Hat
FZERO F-Zero F Zero GP Legend Promo Mail In Watch GBA Game Boy
Mega Man Battle Network Game Boy Pen Promo Nintendo Preorder
Tekken Metal Keychain Promo Preorder
Metroid Prime 3 Wii Promo Retail Badge Pin NFR
Sony Playstation Plush Bear Promo Item
Game and Watch Boy Vintage LCD NEW
CAPCOM Mega Man Keychain Light Promo Preorder Bonus
Company of Heroes Promo Toy Grenade
Mario Nintendo Digital Watch
Set of 2 Mariokart RC Racers Remote Control Car Microsizers Mario and Yoshi
Konami retail asset book promo E3
Shinobi Promo Foam Throwing Star PS2 bonus

Good luck!

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  • Sgt. Fuzzyboots
    Feb 19, 2013

    And another one that doesn’t ship to Europe 🙁

  • Starman
    Feb 19, 2013

    I feel your pain :(. I don’t know why some sellers have no problem shipping to Europe and others make a big deal about it.

  • Robin
    Feb 19, 2013

    There are companies in the U.S. that you can have sellers ship to which will then ship to you. I’ve also done this for some of my UK friends…

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