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Prototype Pokemon Hat, Shigesato Itoi Autograph Board, Twin Galaxies Posters, and Promo Pins

Before we get to today’s auctions, I would just like to mention that one lucky VGA reader has made a video about their recent buy! On January 12, Kenji listed a Starfox Competition cart which was selling with the score card. The final bid of $450 was made by TheJuice401 and he posted a comment which showed how ecstatic he was about the buy. You can view his video showing off the rare cart here on his YouTube channel. It’s always nice to see an item like that go to a true collector.

Here are today’s auctions…

Prototype Pokemon Hat – Any Pokemon fan will recognize this hat instantly. This hat was not meant for sale however. There’s a tog on the inside showing that it’s only a sample version of the hat. Only one day left on the auction and the current bid is very low.

Shigesato Itoi Autograph Board – For those who don’t know, Shigesato Itoi is the creator of the Mother (Earthbound) series. This autograph board appears to be dated 1985 which would mean he signed it for being known in something other than video games. This doesn’t come as a shock since Itoi is known for a large variety of work including writing and voice acting.

Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask E3 Promo Pin – A simple pin that would be difficult to find if you were targeting it for a pin collection. There’s a mini bid war started on this auction.

Front Mission Pin Set – This set of pins was limited to 10,000 but, unfortunately, there’s a very clear crack in the front display of this set. Still, the price isn’t terrible.

Metroid Prime 2 Store Kiosk Display – You may have seen this in game stores back in 2004 framing the screen on Gamecube kiosks. The price is simply ridiculous and it may be tough to talk the seller down to something reasonable. Maybe offer a trade for a different item of similar value.

Sega Saturn Launch Promo Pin – This is a cool pin. I remember the early days of the Sega Saturn, the console’s ads were very mysterious. This pin captures that mood perfectly.

Twin Galaxies 1999 Poster – Here’s a poster that’s also a cool read. There are several dollar prizes for playing well at various games back in 1999. The seller has two of these.

Twin Galaxies 2001 Poster – Another Twin Galaxies poster but this one is from a festival in 2001. Same seller and once again, they have two.

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