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Prototypes, Playstation Wine Bottle, and VGA Graded Games

Today we have two groups of items submitted by VGA readers. First up are some prototypes for three games on three different systems. These auctions were submitted by Adam. Thanks man! I love seeing this stuff pop up when it does.

Super Mario Kart Prototype (SNES) – This one will likely end with the highest bid amongst the three. This was, of course, the first Mario Kart after all. It’s hard to say if they knew back then how far the Mario Kart series would go. This prototype is for the NTSC US version.

Days of Thunder Prototype (GB) – Obscure but still great for anyone who collects prototypes.

Glover Prototype (N64) – I remember wanting to try this game out a long time ago but I never actually did. Hmm, did I miss out? Something tells me I didn’t. Even so, this is an interesting item from N64 history.

Next up are a bunch of sealed games that have been graded by the Video Game Authority. All have been submitted to us by Alejandro. These acrylic cases add some value but are primarily a focus for archiving rather than boosting the value too much. If you’re a serious collector, you will likely have this kind of grading and casing done on your own. These auctions save you the trouble though. 😉 Please check out the seller’s other auctions. There are a lot more.

Final Fantasy XIII Demo VGA 90+ – Sure, FFXIII wasn’t the best but I would like to add this to my Final Fantasy collection. I’m trying to get every title, demo, spin-off, and sequel out there.

Castlevania Bundle VGA 90/90+ – Two of the SotN inspired Castlevania games along with one of the pre-order bonuses.

Squaresoft Lot VGA 75/80/80+ – A bunch of great titles here. No wonder people have been making offers.

Ico VGA 85+ – The beginning of a great series of games that stand out from the rest. Can’t wait for the Last Guardian.

Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition VGA 90+ – I should have bought this when I had the chance. It was right there on the shelf in front of me and I thought, ‘well, I should get the original carts back into my collection first’. Sure, this is true for many but I still should have picked it up. Perhaps out of respect for the series? hmm..

Last up is a quick bonus auction.

Playstation Wine Bottle – This incredible looking bottle  reads, ‘Grand Opening Metreon San Francisco June 1999’. This places the event 13 years past nearly to the day. The Metreon was a Sony owned entertainment center which was to gather people for gaming, movies, music and so on. It didn’t really work out and was later sold and redesigned with far less thought on the entertainment theme. Another Sony failure… but this one you can put on a shelf lol…

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  • goblin
    May 30, 2012

    Why would anyone want to pay that much for a wine bottle thats not even good?

  • AP
    May 30, 2012

    “These acrylic cases add some value but are primarily a focus for archiving rather than boosting the value too much”

    I agree with that statement but apparently sellers on ebay don’t. For instance, look at the CV auction. On Amazon PoR is $21.90 new, DoS is $19.49 new and even the bonus pack is available new for $80. So $800 for something so common it can easily be bought on Amazon for $120? Am I missing something?

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