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PS2 Drink Shaker with Shot Glasses, Tekken 2 Heihachi Model Kit, Limted Edition Runescape Poster and Letter

Today I had the intention of listing only items related to fighting games but I spotted a few other interesting auctions so… scrap that idea lol. Anyway, some nice stuff to check out. The Heihachi model kit is very much worth looking into. This is one I’ll be watching personally and may make a bid towards the end if it doesn’t go very high.

PS2 Drink Shaker with Shot Glasses – The shot glasses are actually a promo for Singstar 90’s but the shaker is a separate PS2 promo.

Super Street Fighter II Pin – Buy it now price is $3

Limted Edition Runescape Poster and Letter – This poster was given to Runescape P-Mods and the seller has the documentation to prove it.

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Laser Cell – A pre-order bonus

The Art of SoulCalibur II Book – There’s an unfortunate bend on the front cover on the top right.

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Promotional Crystal Display – The base lights up the crystal display to really show off the laser art inside.

Mortal Kombat Coasters – A pack of 10 coasters for the 2011 release.

Destroy All Humans Big Willy Bobblehead – Complete with the box

Mega Man Comic Promo Poster – This long 11×34 poster is a promo for the Mega Man comic series. Double sided

SoulCalibur IV Keychain – The design is a double layered spinning ring with a simple logo plate in the middle. Box with foam insert included

Tekken 2 Heihachi Model Kit – The seller says this originally sold for 10,000 yen ($105) and the first bid here is $49.

Atari Messenger Bag – A give-away for the press but not sure from what year.

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