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Ps2 Primal Original Concept Art Board Character Jen Playstation and More!

Good morning VGA readers. We have an interesting post today brought to you by Andy for the Ps2 Primal Original concept art board character jen playstation:

I have up for auction a ONE OFF Character Concept Art board, directly from the studio that created Primal, GhostHunter, MediEvil etc..

This is a massive board 150cm X 102cm board (polyboard about 5mm thick)

Each concept image is printed and glued directly to the main board. – some feature annotations (shown in the photos – of course all the images are of the actual item!)

This board was used by the developers during the early stages of the games design – to create the design for the Main character of the game, Jen.

This board has been stored away inside the studio for well over a decade now, only being taken out occasionally to be displayed at local / gaming events etc…

I have no idea what the value really is on this, But I do know there is only one of them! -so it’s going to auction.

Postage within the uk is £40 as it is huge, However – if you want to pick it up directly and pay cash on collection and avoid shipping altogether, that’s fine!

As I said before, this is a one off chance to get this board, as I very much suspect the next owner will be very unlikely to sell them on given the extreme rarity.

For more details see Wikipedia:

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