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Punch Out!! – Limited Glove, Sealed Games, and More…

Though categorized as a boxing game, Punch Out in all it’s installments are not exactly boxing simulators such as the now popular “Fight Night” series. Instead, Punch Out focused on crazy characters each with unique fighting styles which force you to learn, adapt, then strike! Every bout is built up to be epic and victory is sweet every time.

Some very interesting Punch Out items have been popping up on eBay recently…

Sealed Games – Not only was I able to find a sealed copy of Punch Out on NES, but I also found a sealed copy¬†with the alternate box art! Click here for the original Mike Tyson box and here for the alternate style. Either of these would be great to own, but for the hardcore collector… both must be owned lol.

Punch Out Micro vs. System – During their phase of releasing the portable Game & Watch games, Nintendo made a sub-series called “Micro vs. System”. This line of hand-held games were all games originally on the NES and were converted to Game & Watch style. Click here for the Micro vs. System version of Punch Out!!

Official Punch Out Figures (Sealed!) – Yes that’s right, two figures officially licensed by Nintendo from Punch Out. Little Mac and King Hippo are up on eBay in their original sealed packaging! Check them out here on eBay.

Limited Glove (Signed “Little Mac”) – This item is nowhere to be found on eBay at this time, but I have seen it pop up before for over $150… But, with some research, the patient collector can find it’s history and source. The glove, believe it or not, is actually an exclusive limited item (officially licensed by Nintendo). The glove can still be bought on the site too! Check it out here on Amazon. (By the way, Little Mac isn’t a real person, so the signature isn’t real lol…)

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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