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Puyo Puyo N Party 4, Game Calculator, Signed Stuff

I hope you VGA readers are having a nice, relaxing Sunday morning. Today I have some interesting items on my watch list that I’ll share with you. I’m a big fan of signed stuff from creators of certain games so I have a couple of auctions like that. I also have a rare Japanese import for the n64, “Puyo Puyo N Party 4”.

First auction I will talk about is the Puyo Puyo N Party 4. The game is already at $300 with 3 days left. Why is it rare? According to the seller about 500 copies were made. But this sort of statement needs to be looked further into, especially when he said “and I herd 500 copies were made”, he spelled heard wrong lol so I need to see the validity of his statement and hearsay isn’t enough. So I did a search and couldn’t find the exact amount of copies released. Although reading from numerous gaming sites it is a rare game, production must have been low, they don’t easily show up in Japan. With that said we can trust the gaming community based on the demand and the demand says $300 with 3 days left.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy X Sealed (JPN) and OST Signed: The cd is signed by Uematsu which is always nice. He signed it on the cover and one cd. The cost is $240, a little high but you do get both sealed game and OST signed.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Signed: Signed of course by Kojima, and the price? $350 beans. Although Kojima’s autograph is as common now as toilet paper, I still find it intriguing, the man behind Metal Gear. It doesn’t seem to get old, and I don’t know what Kojima hasn’t signed on? Maybe a women’s breast but even that I’m sure he’s done.

Bayonetta Scarborough Fair Replica Gun: It’s on auction for $70 with 16 hrs left. Not bad as only 1200 were released and this is in great shape with box.

Nintendo Game & Watch “Fire”: Geesh these go for a lot. I’m not into the whole G&W thing but they still hold value after all these years. A good investment for sure.

Rare Vintage 80’s Handheld CASIO MG88O Game Calculator: An interested buyer shows off his retro calculator skills by asking a question only a calculator expert would ask:

Q: Is the calculator fully working? The display often becomes faulty on these calculators and none of your pictures show the display when it is turned on. Thanks.
A: Hi , Yes the calculator is fully working. I have included another photograph of it with the display on. Many Thanks 



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