Custom Made Everything Signed Super Mario Bros. The Legend Of Zelda 5

Quake 3 Signed, Nintendo Collectibles, UGLY Zelda Custom stuff and more!

Got a cool line up of video game collectibles and some “not so cool” CUSTOM made.

Some cool autographs definately worth buying EXCEPT that the price is rediculously high. Who has 10k to lend me? I might go to the bank today and ask for a $10,000 loan. They’re going to ask if it’s for a down payment on a home and I’ll say “Nope, it’s to buy an Unreal 3 signed by the development team game”. I’m sure the bank’s going to understand right?

Click here for Rare autographed Quake 3 Collector’s Edition


Signed StarCraft II For charity, nice!

NINTENDO-POWER-1988-1-MAGAZINE-ZELDA Starting super cheap and it includes the Zelda map.

Classic Mario Brothers/Zelda Game Storage Cube Box Beautiful condition Super Mario/Zelda box. Good price too. There’s another one on ebay that’s in nasty condition.

Unofficial and UGLY:

Four 12 Hole Ocarinas of Time Zelda by Guido Bondi Looks like a paper mashe version of an ocarina that I would have made in elementary school. They’re absolutely hideous to be even called a Zelda Ocarina.

Link from ZELDA custom mighty muggs This is the scariest looking Link voodoo doll(?) I’ve ever seen. I appreciate the time and passion put into this piece but it looks like it comes alive at night.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


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