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RacerMate Challenge II, Vintage Game Hats and More

This week has been pretty dry on ebay. There are some auctions worth mentioning. My regular searches is taking me longer now because of the repetitive auctions’ we’ve already listed here at VGA, but nonetheless I still hope to amaze. I try to think of games that haven’t been mentioned on VGA, or games that people recognize enough, but wasn’t widely acclaimed. Here’s some neat auctions that I was able to find today:

RacerMate Challenge II Cart – The seller repeats what is mentioned everywhere, and it’s the fact that this cart was not an official Nintendo release cart, but was still available for sale in the US. “Racermate Challenge II is not a game that was readily available to the public. As a specially-ordered game from Computrainer, it was used to help increase bikers’ performance for marathons and races. It came in an oversized Computrainer shipping box and typically included a top loader NES, multiple manuals (all different), Racermate Challenge II cart, and several accessories in which you used to hook your bike up to the NES. The game would keep track of your speed and endurance and let you know how well you were doing. A rather odd game and extremely tough to find anywhere especially complete since many would have thrown the box and manuals away.In Europe, the Racermate Challenge II cart came as both PAL and NTSC. It is able to detect which version is required and automatically adjust to it. Also, there is a modified European Version NES (toaster) version of the Racermate.”
Sega Saturn Promo Flash Disc
Call of Duty Promo Soap
Metal Gear Solid 2 Press Kit Video
PaRappa the Rapper Toaster – You guys remember this game? They even made a freakin toaster. Out of all promotional items they could have made, they made a toaster 😆
and there is this really cool PaRappa the Rapper Medicom Doll


Mega Man Retro Hat Neon Pink

Mega Man Retro Hat Neon Orange

Mario Paint Hat!

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