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Radical Dreamers Super Famicom Chrono Trigger, and Much More!

Good morning VGA readers, spent the last 3 hrs looking for really cool auctions for you as my watch list has dried up in the last few of posting. It was pretty hard, but I managed to sort through the junk and find the golden nugget. Check out the Radical Dreamers famicom game for those of you who are Chrono Trigger fans. It is VERY expensive, and I believe I’ve seen a US SNES copy fan made(nice might I add) between $150-$250 if I remember correctly. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:


– Super Nintendo SNES Store Promo Tetris 2 Poster 28×22 Sign Rare Promotional

– Xbox One Countdown Launch Promo Display

– Paper Mario Sticker Star (12-Stickers) Nintendo 3DS promo

– Paper Mario Sticker Star (12-Stickers) Nintendo 3DS promo

– Famicom Wars Promo VHS Video Nintendo

 League of Legends – RARE Teemo Statue (plus letter from Riot and Nunu card)


– The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Musical Cartridge Chest

– New in Box Famicom To Nintendo NES Converter Adapter 60 To 72 Pins

– League of Legends World Championships Exclusive Poros Poro Stress Ball Lot Of 6

– Minecraft Gameband! Minecon 2013! Orlando! Hot Item

– Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Dragon Fire Drone With Charger

The Legend of Zelda Board Game from Milton Bradley made for Nintendo

– 1989 Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo Drinking Glass Tumbler

 New Call Of Duty Ghosts Black Beanie Skull Winter Hat PS3 Xbox

– RARE Donkey Kong 3 NES Famicom Japanese Menko Card 1984

– Vintage Q*BERT (JALECO) enamel lapel pin


– Oddworld PS1 Playstation Store Promo Piece New A little Bent LAST ONE

– Castlevania Simon Belmont 8-Bit Figure

– Super Mario Bros Plushies – just in time for the holidays

– Minecraft Minecon 2013 Exclusive Cape

– The Legend Of Zelda : Shadow Of Night , NEW NES game On Custom Cart

– 1989 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time LINK Plastic Tumbler Mug 

– VTG Super Nintendo Store Rep Employee Promo Mario World Key Chain Rectangle SNES

– VTG Super Nintendo Store Rep Employee Promo Mario World Key Chain Circle SNES

– Nintendo Employee 1 year of service pin

– Super Famicom w/ Radical Dreamers (Chrono Trigger sequel) Satellaview cartridge

– NEW Xbox One Dead Rising 3 Inflatable Wrench Promo

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