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Alright…..time to unload some of my watch list that’s ending soon. The auctions today consist of many different video games so you’ll have a taste from around the industry. Now the auction of focus is a Metal Gear Solid Pilot Disc Promo that’s limited to 5 only made! Check out this and more below….

Metal Gear Solid Pilot Disc Promo Limited Edition – Seller says”The Pilot Disc is the first playable version of Metal Gear Solid ever released!!This is the most rare demo of MGS! It’s a very limited edition!!This is the official Japanese Pilot Disc which was released in early 1998!It was given only to videogame’s magazines and 5 copies were up for grabs in a contest made by Konami Magazine!!!
There were only 5 copies up for grabs!! FIVE!!!
“. Super cool!
First4Figures Legend of Zelda Skull Kid Statue
Resident Evil 2 T-Shirt in FRAME!
IceCube – PlayStation/PSX Prototype?
Expensive Kizuna Encounter Japanese Version
Sega Saturn Collector’s Pin
Earthworm Jim Trading Card Promo 1995
Lot of 4 Mega Man Rockman EXE plush

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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