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Random Video Game Finds

After my LOZ post I decided to do a random ebay search in hopes that I can fill VGA with more video game genres and game franchises.

Street Fighter II Complete Pin Badge Set

I remember playing Street Fighter II the first time on SNES. I wasn’t too excited about fighting games, I don’t know why but I wasn’t that attracted too them. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t any good at them or was just lazy in memorizing the special moves…..but I’ve always liked the Street Fighter games. When I watch my friend playing Super Street Fighter IV online you really appreciate the quality that ST brings to fighting games.

The seller is offering the complete 1992 Street Fighter II Complete Pin Badge Set. Don’t be alarmed when you see the mix up between Vega, Bison, and Balrog. In the Japanese version Bison is “Vega” and Balrog is “Bison”. Price is not bad for the age and condition of these pins.

Shadow of the Colossus 10″ Statue Kotobukiya

I know someone who would love to own this, and for the price offered it’s not bad at all. You see this statue rarely on eBay and I was lucky to make a search for SOTC. I was going to use this find for my post tomorrow but with 1 day left I am hoping that whoever is following VGA right now happens to like this game. Seller states that this statue is in *MINT* condition. Check out the auction here!

Other eBay Auctions:

World of Warcraft Thrall Pin – BlizzCon 2009

Persona 3 JUNPEI character Cap Promo – Official

Space Ace Philips CDI Pin

Dead Rising Poster Promo – A cool video game/zombie poster, love the “TEAMWORK” message!! 🙂

Nintendo Promo VHS Donkey Kong Country/Hot Newz 64

Atari Hanging Mobile display

Sonic the Hedgehog party string flag banner SEGA 1994 – The flags pretty big

Uniracers vinyl banner 36″x24″ Nintendo SNES Double Sided – I love old SNES banners

Kingdom Hearts Squaresoft Promo from E3

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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