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Rare Assassin’s Creed Auctions, VGA Lot, Huge Mario N64 ot and More!

Today I have a nice mix of auctions from lots to VGA games to rare promotional items. The most interesting item is the autographed copy of the Final Fantasy III Players Guide. Now the thing is that its now just some random signing, it’s actually a signing of the author! Pretty odd huh? Author goes by Peter Olafson. I’ve seen this book sell for $200+ in mint condition. Not sure the market value for this book but it’s something you don’t see everything; author’s signature of his own video game strategy guide. See the coffee stain on the bottom of the book? Most likely the spill happened during an Epic FF3 boss battle.

An autographed copy of my Final Fantasy III Players Guide

He says:
“Here I’m offering an autographed copy of my “Final Fantasy III Players Guide.”

It’s generally in good condition, but does have some defects: a bent corner on the cover, pages with bent corners in the first section and a couple of stains and ruffling of pages in the lower-right corner — visible from the outside and also inside the book up to page 2 of the first chapter.

It’s signed by me on the title page. I can’t imagine what I thought my signature would be worth, but, foolish fellow that I am, in the brief, hot glare of illusory fame, I went and did it anyway. (And not for the last time, either.)”

Other Video Game Auctions:

World Soccer 94 Road to Glory SNES Super Nintendo FACTORY SEALED – Seller says” Here it is, one of the rarest Super Nintendo NTSC releases, World Soccer 94 Road to Glory, and in its factory sealed form. Extremely hard to find complete in box and impossible to find factory sealed, this is a rare opportunity not to be missed. This soccer game was extremely limited in its release as was the trend of its popular rpg publisher, Atlus. This copy I believe to be in really nice condition as you can see in the pictures, however I will let you be the judge. The game has its full h-seam seal with the only issue to seal being the front bottom corners poking through the cello just a little bit. The upper side of the box has some bowing as can be seen in the fifth picture as well as a faint crease to the right side of the box (running theough the numbers 94) as shown in the fourth picture. Lastly, the upper left corner on the front side of the box is minorly dented, as can be seen in the last picture. Despite these issues, this is a nice condition copy, I am just trying to as detailed as possible! If you have any other questions Please let me know! This item ships FREE to anywhere in the USA!”. Thanks Dan!
Rare lot of Nintendo Games
Sims 4 Concept Artwork
Assassins Creed Hidden Blade
Tetris Tengen Nintendo NES Sealed VGA Graded 90
Assassin’s creed 3 Tomahawk Collectors Very rare
ICO VGA 85, SMT Nocturne 85, Kingdom Hearts II 85+, and more, New Sealed PS2
Bubble Bobble Part 2 VGA Q85+ – Nintendo NES – Brand New N.E.S NM+ Condition
WHOLESALE Super Famicom Official Controller Lot of 50
Xbox 360 neon sign
Fallout 3 New Vegas 1:1 BOS Power Armor Helmet
Tron 2.0 PC Game E3 Prototype Display Boxes Stand Up Mobil Rare
Nintendo DS Tetris DS Game Retail Store Display Sign POS PROMO NFR
Varner Studios TOMB RAIDER Starring LARA CROFT Evening Dress Statue
Promo Legend Of Zelda Link Triforce Wall Decal Sticker Nintendo
Nintendo promotional Powerplay Saturdays Champion trophy
F.E.A.R Hand Fan PROMO Fear Playstation 3, XBOX 360
SEGA Master System/ Mega Drive Genesis Video Game Store Display Tray RARE
Shadow Man 64 Promo Sunglasses
Sony Playstation 2 PS2 Hanging Metal Store Sign Lighted Demo Display New Bulb
Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of The Patriots Meryl Display Standee Rare
Street Fighter Statue Blanka 30 cm
Little Red Hood Sachen Nintendo Nes Game CIB SUPER RARE
Metal Gear Solid 2 Gashapon Variant Silver Metallic set of 7 Very Rare Konami
Plants Vs. Zombies Planting Seeds The Walking Dead SDCC 2013 Resident Evil Promo
Huge Mario N64 lot
Plants vs Zombies WALL-NUT Stuffed Animal PLUSH
80s NINTENDO Big SIGNBOARD Store Display Original Mint condition
Halo 3 Master Chief Field of Battle Collectible Statue

Good luck!

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