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Rare Atari 80’s Banner, PlayStation Rarities and More

I have a lot of auctions to unload today. You’re getting auctions from all over the map of the video game world. Stuff from Atari, Nintendo, PlayStation, Neo Geo and more. It’s nice to mix it up a bit since there can be something for everyone to like.

Atari Trade Show Silk Banner 1980’s

Nothing screams “I LOVE ATARI” like this original 1980’s Silk Banner. This thing is huge, and best part about it; it’s official! The seller says he got this at an Atari Trade Show back in 1985. Look at how simple the banner is from the font of Atari to the easy layout of the colors. There is also the Warners Communication Company logo on the bottom right, and the Atari “All Right Reserved” logo on the left. At the price it’s at now, it’s VERY decent considering a similar banner that was damaged was sold with a buy-it-now for $85. Bottom line, if you needed that extra something to capture the 80’s video game vibe, you need this.

Atari Banner Auction Here

PSmuseum Auctions:

One of VGA’s favorite sites is PlayStation Museum. On top of that, they auction off a bunch of rare PlayStation Games, limited Consoles, and cheaply priced strategy guides!

Today the guys down at PSmuseum have some rare auctions up. First is this cool ZXE-D Legend of Plasmatlite kit which comes with 7 inch robots! This was a fighting game only released in Japan. There’s a whole page written about this here. Other auctions include:

Surf Riders Promo limited edition

Sony PlayStation PROTOTYPE Keyboard Adapter

Other Video Game Auctions:

Neo Geo Blaszing Star AES Japan

Dracula X Art Works by Ayami Kojima

Nintendo Promotional Promo Cube Lights

Pac Man Glass Wall Hanging Plaque

CLICK HERE to buy this!


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