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Rare Atari Jaguar Add-ons & Vectrex Accessories

Right around the final days of the Atari Jaguar, there were two projects in process for some add-ons. There was the Web TV adapter and the voice modem. Very few of these were made before everything shut down. In fact, there were only 6 or 8 Web TV adapters ever made (some were lost) and one of them has been floating around on eBay for some time now…

Atari Jaguar Cortina Web TV Adapter

Atari Jaguar Complete Cortina Web TV Adapter – It comes with the original schematics, software and manual. As you can see in the picture, it was never a finished product. It’s about as rare as it gets for add-ons.

The other Jaguar add-on produced more test units but is still incredibly rare.

Atari Jaguar Voice Modem

Atari Jaguar Voice Modem JVM – The voice modem saw a run of about 100 units before it was all shut down. It has been fully tested and works just as it should. Unfortunately there is only one game that uses this add-on; Ultra Vortek. If you want to get it for collecting reasons or just to try it out, it’s quite pricey. Still, it’s not something easily found if this one is sold.

The Vectrex was a unique system. I had one when I was a kid and played it quite a bit. With my small collection of games, I thought I had the full experience. Little did I know, there were some strange accessories for the Vectrex.

Vectrex 3D Imager – Holy crap does this thing look like some awesome 80’s high tech gear. Seriously, you must look like a Decepticon with these on. I can’t figure out how it works because the Vectrex used plastic overlays for color. It’s very interesting and quite rare. Many bids have been placed and the current price is high.

Vectrex Light Pen – This is kinda funny. With the light pen, you can draw on the screen! C’mon kids, put down that pencil and paper and get with the future and draw with light! lol

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