Final Fantasy Nintendo (NES)

Rare Black Box First Print VGA Nintendo NES Games

Just stumbled upon these insanely rare black box first print Nes games. Can you believe that black box versions fetch over $1k? Sometimes even $2k like in some of the auctions below?

I still have my doubts for 10-Yard Fight which is at $4000 currently. If you have that kind of money, why not save a little more and by a Nintendo World Championship Grey Cart which is supposedly the holy grail for NES collectors (excluding Gold version)??

10-Yard Fight nes VGA 85 First Print Cardboard Hangtab sealed mint Crazy Rare
Popeye nes VGA 80 Silver Seal super rare
Stack Up nes VGA 85 First print Cardboard Hangtab Black Seal Crazy Rare
Wrecking Crew nes VGA 70 Cardboard Hangtab First Print black seal

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