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Rare Conkers Bad Fur Day collector’s edition

Thanks to Joseph for submitting this auction. It’s a pretty rare Conkers Bad Fur Day collector’s edition which contains the Conker’s video game on N64, a large t-shirt(they’re always large or exra large??), a pill bottle with jelly beans in it, and a VHS, and more!

Conkers was released exclusively for the N46 in 2001 by Rare. It’s an action platform game with multiplayer capabilities. The game has quite a good reputation as GameSpot gives it a whoping 9.3 out of a 10 scale rating system. You can buy it at a decent price on Amazon but if you want to try and win it for pennies then ebay’s your best bet.

There was suppose to be a follow up or “sequel” called Conker’s Other Bad fur day but in 2002 Nintendo purchased Rare and instead of finishing the game Rare remade it on the Xbox into Conker: Live and reloaded. In 2008 Microsoft cancelled the game Rare was working on. In later interviews done by rare developers it would be hinted at what kind of game it was suppose to be.

Crash Bandicoot is another popular fury title that had several sequels, even it’s own version of Mario Kart which was actually pretty fun to play might I add. That of course was for the playstation release. I will touch on Crash Bandicoot on a future post but for now it’s safe to call it a top 10 Playstation title. This is an unbiased statement simply because of it’s popularity, number of sequels and so forth. It even has it’s own dedicated website by Activision still called Crash Village: The Official Crash Bandicoot site.

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