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Rare Final Fantasy Collectibles and Epic Mickey Merchandise

Good morning VGA readers, I have quite the line up of Final Fantasy collectibles up on eBay right now. It’s pretty much a Final Fantasy fan’s dream to own any one of these items. So buckle in and get ready for a showcase of unique and rare auctions that will knock your socks off.

First auction is for the legendary Final Fantasy VII Cloud vs Sephiroth cold cast by Kotobukiya. It was limited to 1000 pieces and extremely beautiful in person. They’re very hard to obtain now and when it pops up on ebay, unless your lucky, you won’t get it for less than $1250. The pieces are assembled once taken out of the box. Cloud and sephiroth are separate, as is the base which splits in two. Cloud and Sephiroth are extremely fragile, and that’s an understatement. Sephiroths hair is probably the most delicate sculpture next to Yuna’s wedding dress and the Forgotten city cold cast. The seller also has an insanely rare Bus Promo Ad for Final Fantasy VII which I have never seen before. It looks absolutely stunning and would love having this piece in my game room.

Next auction is for the entire Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII Chrome set. The seller has obviously taken great care of his items as can be seen in the pictures. He is also selling the official wooden box (two of them) that are used to hold the chromes. Impressive collection to have, why would he let it go? I hate asking that question but it’s something I am curious about. Regardless you can bid on these auctions as they’re starting at $99 each, not bad seeing how some sellers sell them for over $200.

Other auctions:

Epic Mickey Pin – Sells around $25-40. Given out to promote Epic Mickey. Really cool pin and they’re ending around the $25 range now. I want one 🙂

Another Epic Mickey Pin Same as above but another pin.

Epic Mickey Standee Game Holder – Would look nice on display.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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