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Rare HES Nintendo Games

Seller nayrew has a bunch of exclusive Aussie games from HES(Home Entertainment Suppliers); 

 “HES – Home Entertainment Suppliers were an Australian Company who released Games for the NES back in the 80’s. All the carts were black in colour as opposed to the grey standard Nes cart. There are also 3 main variants of carts that exist being Piggyback, DGL & Standard Flat cart.The unique nature of the carts, the game themselves and the Aussie company make these games a very desired collectable. You can’t get these games anywhere else in the world as they were made and distributed in Australia only.”

Some of the games are unquestionably very hard to find, and over at the aussie-nintendo website some owners of these games have been offered thousands for these carts such as the Real Players Pack(contains he same games as the Caltron-Myriad) and Maxi 15 Green Cart, but of course this is what they claim. Also, this seller sources that only 100 of these Maxi 15 Green carts are known to exist, but I wasn’t able to confirm this. Auctions for HES Nintendo games below:

Vindicators – HES Nintendo ($498.25)
Real Players Pack – HES Nintendo ($198.70)
Funblaster Pak – HES Nintendo ($48.93)
Mindblower Pak – HES Nintendo ($58.91)
Maxi 15 Green – HES Nintendo ($348.48)

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