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I decided to change it up a little and make a post about “Vie et Culture” as they say in French :). There’s a lot of rare stuff abroad which collectors might not be aware of, especially from Japan.


For instance this Sanyo 3DO Try System is quite rare. Now you’re thinking why does it say Sanyo and not Panasonic? Well, Panasonic was not the only company to make 3DO systems. Due to the licensing method employed by 3DO a number of different manufacturers produced the 3DO system for the market. The Panasonic versions are the most popular since it gained mass recognition in N.America during the 90’s.

Anyways, up for auction is the “Sanyo 3DO Try System” and it’s new. None of these were for sale outside of Japan and if you are going to buy one it would be from a Japanese seller.

Click here for SANYO 3DO Try System. For those who are interested in unique consoles like this one, the seller has a best-offer option 🙂

SEGA’s Mega Jet Console Japan Import

Mega JetAnother rare console is the Mega Jet by Sega. It’s a very rare Megadrive (Genesis) variant, in the compact style similar to the Sega Nomad(without the screen of course). This was another system that was not sold outside of Japan making it very hard to acquire unless of course you found a Japanese seller at the time. I’ve read somewhere that a lot of these consoles ended up being sold to different airlines for passengers to use(why can’t they do that now??). This auction has EVERYTHING included and also has free shipping which secures a reasonable purchase price for the unit.

Mega Jet Console Sega Japan Import Genesis
**Thanks Jacob! 🙂

Other Interesting Auctions:
PlayStation Stylish Kiosk with Games & Accessories – I have to admit, whoever created this pulled it off
Dead or Alive Figure Collection Full Set
Playstation Power Shovel Controller with GAME – I never liked the idea of “working games”. You leave your real work after a hard day to come home and do “more” work in a game. There will be people who are interested in these type of games but I’m turned off. This is however a rare game to acquire if you collect Japanese PS games.
Punch Out! Wii Poster – doesn’t have much to do with the theme of the post but I thought I’d post it up anyways
Ibara Figures – Full Set – Ibara was a game that was not released in N.America so many of you won’t know of it’s existence. It was a shoot’em up game which Japan is famous for. I ABSOLUTELY love these games and don’t know what the problem is to release them here. You get the full Ibara set here which is even hard to find in Japan. Check below for a video of the game. This game is so much fun to play! The music used in the video is awesome 🙂

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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