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RARE Kirby E-Reader Prize Card, Nintendo Power Cards and More

I’ve got a bunch of nice auctions lined up today so I hope I don’t disappoint! Included in this line-up is the Donkey Kong Competition cart that is frequently seen on eBay with a high price tag. But this auction I am featuring has NO RESERVE! But the auction hit the $500 mark within the first day of listing so that might discourage many of us 🙁

First up is the holy grail of Nintendo e-Reader cards. This Kirby e-Reader was given out at E3  in Los Angeles from May 22-24, 2002. This was four months before the e-Reader even came out. This auction is only offering the card by itself which came from the Special Edition Nintendo e-Reader Cards pack. Inside this pack contained 4 cards in total which included the ultra rare Kirby e-reader card. The other three cards were: the early alternate version of the Manhole Game & Watch card, early alternate version of the Pichu Pokemon Expedition card, and an early alternate version of the Hoppip Pokemon Expedition card. The seller sums up the reason why this card is so rare: “A small percentage of these cards revealed that the owner had won a prize when scanned and served no purpose afterward, with all “winner” cards likely being redeemed for their prize and destroyed and most “non-winner” cards having been disposed of after scanning.

The last time this card showed upon eBay, it sold for $305. However, it was for the “sealed” pack containing all 4 cards. I’m not sure how this auction will do, but it’s still rare nevertheless.

Click here for Kirby e-Reader Auction

Nintendo Power Card Sets

I went through a phase where I wanted to collect every card set that Nintendo Power produced. I even wanted the vintage old NP cards that you would get for free in almost every issue. It was the cards that showcased a game and gave some facts and tips about the game behind the card. After searching for a while I have to admit, it’s pretty hard to obtain a lot of them especially if you didn’t have any subscriptions. I found a couple of sets today on eBay. Not sure about the price but they are not common(trust me).

Mega Man X2 Nintendo Power Cards COMPLETE Set of 8 – “These cards are part of the Nintendo Power Super Power Club series.  These were originally found as an insert inside of Nintendo Power magazines.  On the back side of the cards are clues on how to beat each boss character.”

Yoshi’s Island Nintendo Power Cards COMPLETE Set of 8

Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Power Cards COMPLETE Set 8

Other Rare Video Game Auctions:

Sega Summit Hat – retro! Not exactly sure what year this is from, but must have been given out during one of  the Summit Festival’s Sega attended.

Very Rare Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Launch Kit – Very rare Squaresoft launch kit. Here’s the description: There’s a rotating Display which has an off/on switch to rotate the outer shell creating a crystal effect. You get a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles long sleeved button down shirt, 4 sealed buttons from the game: The Yukes, The Lilties, The Selties, The Clavats all sealed with cards.2 soundtracks: Legend of Mana and Threads of Fate in original cases new never played and obviously the box!

Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Genesis Mobile Display– there is a slight bend on one of the corners of the big Sonic sign(read auction description). The auction is listed as used but the kit looks new so I guess the sellers playing it safe. The display also comes with instructions. If I was a big Sonic fan, I’d definitely be going for this.

Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country Competition Complete – Listed as complete, with no reserve, and the condition it’s in this should definitely increase in price. 5 days left

Rare PS2 Shadow Hearts Poster!

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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