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Rare NES Games and the Ultimate NES Collection (Almost)

Many NES collections out there have one or two incredibly rare games as the crown jewel that tops everything else the collector owns. Maybe a loose copy of Stadium Events or Surprise at Dinosaur Peak complete. Owning just one of these rare games is enough to make most collectors happy with the value of their collection but there’s always room for a few more, right? That’s what the seller behind the first auction here had in mind years ago and just kept adding…

Ultimate NES Collection

Ultra Rare NES Games

Ultra Rare NES Games

Ultra Rare NES Games

Ultimate NES Collection (Almost) – Looking over the rarest games in this collection all sitting right next to the other just blows my mind. The seller better have some damn-good home insurance. If I won the lottery, there are a few things I would buy and a collection like this is exactly one of them. I would just sell off the games I already have afterwards.
So why do I include the word “almost” at the end of this “ultimate” collection? No Nintendo World Championships cart grey or gold to be found… there is a reproduction cart in there though.

If an instant collection is no use to you, maybe these auctions for individual rare/uncommon games will help. When making this list I decided not to go for only the top 10 best known rare NES games. Here are some other less talked about rare and very uncommon games. Some are selling under their value too.

Maxi 15 – Current bid is $2.25

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters – Complete but the price is higher than the value.

Chubby Cherub – Rare but not worth too much loose.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 – Loose but there’s another auction for just the manual: Bubble Bobble Part 2 Manual. Now all you need is the box. :/

Challenge of the Dragon – Factory sealed and in great condition. A few offers have been declined but the asking price isn’t terrible.

Stack Up – Factory sealed and taking offers.

Operation Secret Storm – Another uncommon Color Dreams game.

Secret Scout In The Temple of Demise – Loose and taking offers

Caltron 6 in 1 – Factory sealed and in apparent near perfect condition.

Caltron 6 in 1 – Also factory sealed and $200 less than the auction above… the reason being the damage to the box and plastic.

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