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Rare Nintendo Auctions at $0.99! Earthbound, Punch Out, LOZ

Seller eat…sleep…breathe…nintendo has a bunch of rare Nintendo items on eBay and they’re all starting at $0.99!! This is your chance to acquiring some rare video game memorabilia!

Earthbound Pogs

Earthbound is a particular niche in the video game market. I am not a huge Earthbound fan; played the game when I was older so I couldn’t attach any sort of childhood memories from it. But……there are the folks out there who actually can and will do anything to get their hands on Earthbound merch(since not much was made for the game).

I have the catalog that these POG’s were in. You were able to purchase them through Nintendo Power. Here is what eat…sleep…breathe…nintendo says:

“Up for sale in this auction is an officially licensed product of Nintendo of America.These pogs / slammers were only made available through the Nintendo Power Supplies Catalogs made available to Nintendo Power magazine subscribers.The pogs / slammers were made available during the time period of the related EarthBound game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.The pogs / slammers are scratch and sniff, but I’ve not scratched them as I didn’t want to diminish their value.This is the complete set, none are missing. There are no images on the reverse.These are being listed as used, with no bends to the cardboard, and are in superb condition as they were & are still stored in protective sleeves”

This auction is at $0.99 but believe me, it will climb a high ladder.

Click here for Earthbound Scratch & Sniff POGS Ultra Rare

But this is not the only rare item this seller has to offer! The seller has up a vintage Legend of Zelda Towel, the complete Punch-Out Diorama set, Wind Waker Bobble Head and more! Check out below!

Rare Nintendo Items on Auction:

Nintendo Hasbro Trophy Figures – Punch Out!!
Nintendo System Game Pak Carrying Case
Zelda – Link Knockdown Gallery – Skill Game
Zelda – Link 3 Split Level – Skill Game
Zelda – Link Beach / Bath Towel
Zelda Twilight Princess Master Sword & Hylian Shield – Not $0.99, but he has a “best-offer” option
Super Mario Bros. Sun Shade – Brand New !
Zelda – Link Ben Cooper Halloween Costume
Link Bobblehead – Zelda: The Wind Waker – New
Nintendo Punch Out!! Figurine – King Hippo
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Aluminum DS Case – “best-offer” option
(Random)PS3 God of War III (Ultimate Edition) – “best-offer”

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Kenji
    Sep 06, 2010

    Nice ******* post, I want all those items minus the worn out beach towel/bathroom towel.

    Oh I might get that link costume for halloween, pretty pimpin’.

  • akira
    Sep 06, 2010

    I am a huge Earthbound fan. In fact, I’ve played Earthbound begining to end 4 times (Yes, it’s that good). The slammers are great because they were only available through Nintendo Power. Dunno why Earthbound promos went so far with scratch and sniff though…

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