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Rare Nintendo Video Game Soundtracks

The future is now….

Thanks to David for letting us know about his soundtrack listings through our comments section.

Many many delicious soundtracks. All official! Let your eyes do the work.

Twilight Princess Soundtrack
Kefka’s Domain FF3 Soundtrack
Donkey Kong 64 Soundtrack
Nintendo Power Play It Loud Soundtrack
Nintendo 64 Greatest Hits
Super Mario 64 Soundtrack
Yoshi’s Story Soundtrack
Diddy Kong Racing
StarFox 64 Soundtrack
Mario Kart 64 soundtrack
Ocarina of Time Soundtrack
Banjo-Kazooie Soundtrack
DK Jamz Country Soundtrack
Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack
Donkey Kong Country 3 Soundtrack
Secret of Mana Soundtrack
Secret of Evermore Soundtrack!
did you find your

I did.

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  • Joseph
    Feb 07, 2011

    Sad to see your collection go David 🙁 But maybe it will help mine out 🙂

  • Riku
    Feb 07, 2011

    I’m sure David will definitely get more back than what he actually spent on these soundtracks so all is good. My budget doesn’t allow me to bid on these soundtracks 🙁 Good luck Joseph!

  • David
    Feb 07, 2011

    Thanks for posting them here. They’ve seen quite the action already and it hasn’t even been a day yet. LOL!

  • Kenji
    Feb 07, 2011

    Oh ya… definitely going to bid on some of these. Wow what a collection of soundtracks…

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