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Rare Skylanders Figures, Metal Gear Solid 2 Trade Figures (Metal), and Limited Promos

Every now and then I find something that appears to be very valuable and I try to find more info on it but end up with nothing. The first auction listed here today is an example of this kind of head-scratcher. There’s a series of miniature Metal Gear Solid 2 trade figures which were sold (I believe) in unmarked boxes which meant you never knew which one you would get. The series was then later re-released in blister packs; giving the buyer the choice to pick out the ones they’re missing. This is all fine and dandy but nowhere can I find anything about these…

Metal Gear Solid 2 Metal Trade Figures (2) – Exactly the same as the trade figures mentioned above except these are metal casts rather than poly-resin or plastic. Were these another version released or were they made by a fan who used normal figures to make a mold? I doubt they are masters or prototypes but, like I said, I can’t find more info on these. I’m sure someone out there has the story. Let me know!

Next up are some very rare Skylanders figures. These things are bringing in such high prices these days, it’s just crazy. If you’re a collector, you may be very interested in these.

New York Toy Fair Skylanders Purple Metallic Cynder

Nuremburg Toy Show Skylanders Pearl Hex

Skylanders Glow In The Dark Wrecking Ball

Skylanders Glow In The Dark Warnado

Bulletstorm Nutcracker Promo – A very cool promo for a decent game. Not too often you see a nutcracker as a promo…

Resident Evil Outbreak Launch Kit – Anti-virus bottle and surgical mask in it’s original umm… ziplock bag. A pretty cool Gamestop promo.

Nintendo Famicom Disk Writer Model Case – I listed one of these a long time ago but I don’t think that one included the original box. This one does but the price is still too high. The case holds 15 Famicom Disk games.

Sonic The Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Crystal Cube – This is the last day on the auction for this cube and buyers are checking in. I don’t imagine there are too many of these out there.

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