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Some of the rarest video game posters come from Japan. Why is that you ask? Because the posters are only available in Japan lol. And also because 99% of the time the artwork or presentation is completely different from what you see in North America / Europe. So for example, a Castlevania Symphony of the Night poster in North America showcases Dracula’s castle in a dark setting (yes, it’s super cool). But the Japanese version of the game has this beautiful painting-like artwork that’s memorizing, and many collectors seek the original SOTN poster from Japan because most hardcore collectors consider the posters from Japan to be the first prints of the game, while the N.American posters are 2nd waves (obviously because they are released later).

Nonetheless, it depends on the taste of the collector. Some collectors only buy N.American posters, others buy both or just Japanese posters. I myself like to buy both as there’s a different flavor from a favorite game.

Seller 201itachi has a bunch of rare video game posters up for sale right now on eBay. Ranging from Metal Slug to Super Mario Bros., there’s a nice variety of posters in his store. So if you’re looking to find some Japanese posters to add to your collection look no further!

If you want to check it out, click here for rare Japanese video game posters. The seller also has an Instagram account as well where he showcases his beautiful collection as well as post items for sale! Check him out and please follow!

Good luck!

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