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Ratchet & Clank Vinyl Figures, GTA V Collectors Box, Mega Man X Battle Network Legends Bobbleheads and More!

Insomniac came out with these really cool Ratchet & Clank Vinyl Figures which were limited edition of “315 made for the employees of Insomniac Games. These figures were made in 2009 or there abouts by Creature Box. Ratchet is Approx. 9.5″ and Clank is approx. 6″ tall (I cannot remove from the package so measurements are all approximations. It doesn’t look like these 2 figures were ever removed from the box but the packaging does show age wear…there is a crease on the top (approx. 3″) and various wear on the edges. Please check out the close up photos to see the packaging”.

Click here for Ratchet & Clank vinyl figures limited edition Insomniac auction
Click here for Qwark vinyl figure limited edition Insomniac auction

Other Video Game Auctions:
Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Neon Sign – not sure if this is official
MICROSOFT XBOX 360 Neon Sign – same as above
Xbox 360 GTA V Collectors Box – Xbox 360 GTA V/5 Collectors Box Kit w/Preorder Poster
Mega Man X Battle Network Legends Bobblehead – Not sure if the price is right, but pretty near to have all 3 bobbleheads in one auction.
Mighty No. 9 PAX Prime Exclusive Shirt Mega Man Keiji Inafune Autographed – I think the seller did a price drop.

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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