Readly Reading – How convenient! – App Review

Excellent app I have been using for over two months now. I am not an avid reader but my two hour daily work commute has lured me into the world of a reading machine. Stumbled upon Readly and noticed how many different titles were offered. So let’s jump into it.

App is pretty light weight under 15mb, no delays on launch app is clean. Although still not eReader quality, you can ask for better at this point. The sort option is very simple and straight to the point. Sort by Alphabet, search, or even by newly published first. When you first start using the app, it kind of takes you into the Netflixx zone; what I call it. Where you have so much to content to search and browse, you never get to just stopping and reading. You think you will go back to that one and noticed you have gotten deeper into your search and seems like your browsing never ends. Little tip, pic something you like and jump right in for the experience.

You will ample time to browse when bored and just trying to waste time. The display, works best for tablets, but any  4+ inch screen should be crystal clear and cause no blur when reading. You can also favorite your preferred mags and jump right back in where you left off. There is also a feature to keep material offline so when no wap access is available you still have content to keep you occupied; this is perfect for the business traveler who does not want to spend for in flight Wi-Fi.

There is a feature to share material with other smartphones using the same account, I have yet to test this because my other mobile devices in the house are older droids, so no need to test it out just yet. They have magazines offered in English, German and Swedish with access to browse all languages under one umbrella which could get a little annoying. I have not been able to filter out but you will quickly realize that you will utilize the favorites options often.

Once the app is installed you get two weeks of free access, then 9.99$ a month which is a steal if you dig the magazine scene. There are so many different type of magazines that sharing your access is well worth the cost. The offline feature is great also. This app is very simple and clean, this is why I give it two thumbs up. Application does not crash but beware to run your updates when one is available.

So whether you are a horror or comedy fan, Readly is sure to keep you satisfied, and this coming from someone who was not all that into reading in the first place.




Size: * * * * *

Ease of use: * * * * *

Speed: * * * *

Features: * *

Support & Patches: * * *

Overall: * * * *

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