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Red Dead Redemption Signed by Development Team, MGS Stuff and More!

Seller big_blue_buz just listed a nice auction for Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, both which are signed by the development team. 100% of the auctions winnings will be supporting the Child’s Play Charity.

The two games are loaded with autographs. The cover slips, the booklet, and CD’s are all signed! Undead’s booklet is not signed though.

Red Dead Redemption Charity Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:
Donkey Kong Country Cardboard Display Poster – Talk about old school! This was used in stores back in 94. It’s in excellent condition and is 3×2 feet!
Metal Gear Solid Promo Banner ’98 Limited Edition – Thanks **MGJD. This item is a pretty rare banner from Japan and I think the last one that sold on YJA was for the same amount(minus all those deputy fees 🙂 ), but this was a while ago. I love the artwork on this one.
Metal Gear Solid 4 Ga-Ko Alarm clock Konami – Another rare MGS4 item from Japan. They are becoming less common now on eBay. Good price!

JPN Games:
Seller g.land_neo has a couple of tasty games sealed plus a nice Silent Hill Demo.
Silent Hill Playable Demo
Policenauts Sega Saturn Factory Sealed
Snatcher Sega Saturn Factory Sealed

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Kenji
    Jan 09, 2011

    That is an amazing Metal Gear Solid banner. I’d buy it if I had the dough 🙂

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