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Red Faction Guerrilla Hammer Signed

Another Red Faction Guerrilla Hammer has surfaced on eBay and this is the second one I’ve seen in the past 2 months. There isn’t much detail about this sledgehammer except for THQ’s “Twitter Contest” found here. You had to be a follower at THQ’s twitter page and submit a single short poem about Red Faction(awkward!). Winner got a Red Faction hammer…. BUT… I don’t believe it was signed as there wasn’t mention of it on the contest page.

Red Faction Guerrilla Life Sized Hammer

This 3 foot long hammer  is signed, but I am not sure by who and neither does the seller. The auction from 2 months ago was Signed by the Volition Development Team. So I am guessing it’s the same case for this hammer, but I’m again it’s not for sure. The price isn’t too bad since the last one sold for $132.

Red Faction Guerrilla Hammer Auction

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  • Joseph
    Mar 01, 2011

    I may buy this, I got outbid on the last one 🙁

  • Bob
    Mar 02, 2011

    the hammer is autographed by volition because they did all the work for the game. It wouldn’t make sense if THQ autographed it.

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